As a Centre of Expertise, we are a national knowledge and innovation platform that brings together educational institutions, industry partners in health and well-being, businesses, government organizations, and citizens. Within this platform, we disseminate knowledge and combine forces to address complex issues that lie at the intersection of various disciplines.

We are constantly looking for partners who want to think and act with us.

Yes, I will participate in the CoE!

“Prevention is an issue that connects us all, from young to old, no matter where we come from.”

Who are we?

The Centre of Expertise Prevention in Care and Welfare is a knowledge and innovation platform for educational institutions, the corporate sector, public organisations, and the Inholland University of Applied Sciences. We share knowledge, conduct practically-oriented research, and jointly develop innovative products and services in the field of prevention, that help realise a healthy and inclusive society for all.

Our vision for the future is a vital, inclusive society where everyone can be themselves and has equal opportunities to grow up healthily, a pleasant living environment, participate in the labor market, enjoy recreational opportunities, and lead a meaningful life. Citizens and professionals from various disciplines and domains naturally work together with a focus on individual and collective development. A preventive, cohesive health and well-being policy is pursued, where policy makers from different areas join forces: “Health and Well-being in All Policies.”   

The CoE Prevention in Health and Well-being is committed to promoting a living environment that encourages health and well-being through applied research. We strive for equal opportunities by addressing inequality and focus particularly on improving the lives of people in vulnerable positions.

We are constantly looking for partners to cooperate with, who want to think and act with us. Have you identified a problem within your company or institution, and you think prevention can have an impact? Are you a student with a good idea in the field of prevention? Contact the Centre of Expertise.

Yes, I will participate in the CoE!

“Improving lives by using prevention”

Why prevention?

In the Netherlands, we spend billions addressing health and welfare problems. Problems that immediately resurface elsewhere. But what if we could prevent those problems altogether? What if we get ahead of health issues in people? Tackle poverty at the source? Prevent loneliness? And look at talents, instead of shortcomings? In short, what if we stop band-aiding, and start considering prevention as the solution? Only then can we achieve a healthy and functioning society.

From risks to opportunities

Where others see risk, we see opportunity. The opportunity for Fatima, who has diabetes, not to end up in a wheelchair. The opportunity for 70-year-old Greet to cope with heart failure. The opportunity for troubled youth to get moving together.

In short, the opportunity for everyone to participate in society as healthily as possible. We believe prevention is not one-dimensional. That’s why we bring together our researchers, faculty, students, and the professional field from different disciplines. This way, we can arrive at solutions that benefit everyone.

“Prevention is one of the keys to a healthy life, a life in which everyone can participate in society and have a fair shot.”

For, by, and with each other

Inholland University of Applied Sciences’ Centre of Expertise is the hotspot where all the expertise is combined. It’s where we create conditions for innovation. Where we devise unconventional solutions to health and welfare problems for, by, and with each other. Problems that have been obstacles to equality of opportunity for years. A healthy and functioning society can only be achieved with care at the front end.


Partners in prevention

As partners in prevention, we dare to think outside of the box. To look further than our own field of expertise. And we prioritise smart collaboration, on the premise of real people with personal stories. From the social worker who realises a family in debt might also benefit from a dietician. To oral health care students working with a tech company to develop an e-Health app for the elderly. This is how we turn the costly downward spiral of health problems, poverty, and loneliness, into a positive opportunity. And how we improve lives through prevention, together.

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